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5 sept - Drie honden van de straat gered ( Michel resuce dogs_

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5 sept - Drie honden van de straat gered ( Michel resuce dogs_

Bericht  Harriet op za 10 sep - 11:16

Wederom ging Michel resuce dogs op pad om deze honden te redden. Het was deze keer heel zwaar en niet lichamelijk, bij het aanzien van deze honden knapte Michel. Het was teveel, het was te erg om zo deze honden te zien. Het werk wat hij doet is zo belangrijk maar ook zo ontzettend moeilijk. Dankzij hem zijn deze honden gered en krijgen ze nu de zorg die ze nodig hebben.
Galgos del Sol heeft de honden onder hun hoede genomen en zullen alles doen om deze honden te helpen.

Het verhaal:…/el-rescate-de-los-tres-olv…/

The rescue of the three forgotten
It's hard not to start this blog other than with the previous video. In the joy of a ransom and at the same time, the drama and anguish surrounding summarized. Michel appears in him, someone who is not the first time that stars an entry in this blog. An almost professional rescuer. An angel for abandoned dogs. Someone in this country governments in office, politicians and famous skit and tambourine easy muscle and overflowing botox should be treated as a hero. Or even pay a salary for the service does and his boundless solidarity. In exchange for nothing. In fact, he is putting his pocket to save the lives of the dozens and dozens of dogs that has already prevented more than certain death. Like him, Sos Rescue, Greyhounds RESCAT & Dog and Sun, the other angels guardian of this story.

One of the podencas rescued.
What is not seen, or rather heard in that video, it is Michel crying. Sobbing. Haltingly to see the state in which one of the cachorritas was rescued. "I fell apart, I did not stop mourn all day, by the injustice of seeing that little so and cruelty of his treatment, how much they had to suffer," Michel explains.

Wandering the brink of death.
The miracle has evolved during this week. A story with many detestable goal posts that have already been repeated in previous occasions. One of the scourges of the animal world in Spain. Hunting dogs abandoned to their fate. Wandering among olive trees of a town in the interior of Valencia.
The smallest of the forgotten.
Once again he sounded the alarm a citizen. Several abandoned dogs in a rural area. Up to three teams were deployed at the site to take turns since last Tuesday to rescue the group of animals: those named RESCAT & Dog, Michel Sos Rescue and Rescue Dogs. Among olive trees, fields and wastelands could see about half a dozen canes.Comiendo offal, drinking here and there. At the edge of the muertesobre all three of them. Three of the forgotten. What looks like a mother and her two children. At least three hounds of the same family.
For days the heroes of this story to try to get them to safety took turns. And in the end, the cage trap Michel, the same that has brought about the hope of a home to dozens of dogs, ended up putting safely to the three forgotten three hounds, three skin torn with sores, with scabs, disoriented, famished, bones and staring.
Luckily they are already in the hands of the volunteers of Greyhounds del Sol.

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Re: 5 sept - Drie honden van de straat gered ( Michel resuce dogs_

Bericht  cornelie op vr 16 dec - 12:56

Ach gossie , zijn ze al verder behandeld en opgeknapt


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